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Merit Electric is very adept in the Industrial market. We have constructed large production facilities, power plants, reclamation plants, fuel stations, solar plants, medium voltage work, street lights and signals. We have the manpower, experience and equipment to perform all phases of any industrial project. Merit has the ability to self-perform all electrical work from the excavation to finish and commissioning of any project. We have all the tools and equipment to install any type of raceway including cable tray, rigid, EMT, and PVC. We have all the instruments needed to test equipment and cables to ensure proper installation or continued use.

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Production Facilities
Merit has built several large production facilities that produce a full range of products. We also maintain and service these building and their equipment. We have worked in several types of facilities from sawmills to food grade clean buildings. We have worked in existing facilities to install new production lines, remodel existing lines, add or remodel offices, relocate and maintain existing equipment and add more floor space. We have been on projects from the ground up providing the shell and power requirements for the owners equipment and installed and provided support for all equipment including production lines, conveyors, electrical packaging equipment, truck loading equipment or anything that requires electrical.

Medium Voltage
Merit Electric has several employees who are certified in medium voltage splices and terminations. We have completed several projects that have included the installation of switchyards, medium voltage switchgear, transformers and motors. We are very adept in installation of medium voltage cabling and equipment. All terminations and splices are installed by a certified employee and tested in house using our equipment.

Low Volatage
Merit Electric has a full-service low voltage department that is able to service our customers in all phases of system work. We have qualified and certified techs who are able to perform any system work that is required to ensure a complete electrical installation for any project. Merit is Berc Tech Leviton Certified. Some of the services we provide:
Fiber optic cabling,
Tele Data,
Audio/ Visual,
CCTV (Cameras),
Access Control,
Fire Alarm

Site Utilities
Merit Electric has the equipment and experience to install all phases of underground site utilities. We self-perform our own excavation, conduit installation and backfill. We can install large vaults and splice boxes, transformer pads and switchgear pads. We have performed this work in all areas of construction including freeway/highway, large shopping centers, industrial projects, power plants, sewer plants, hospitals, warehouses, schools and universities. We are able to drill and pour our own light pole bases and install conduit including excavation and backfill for any size site electrical.

Street Lighting / Signals
Merit has successfully completed many traffic signal and street lighting projects. We install traffic signals for full intersections, school zones, cross walks, bike lanes and freeway or highway signs. We have performed signal maintenance from the controllers to the poles to the signal heads. Merit has changed and rewired entire intersections and signals to fit the changing needs of our roadways. We have installed street lighting on all types of roads including major city streets, residential streets, highways, under and overpasses and decorative sidewalk lighting. Merit self performs all the work required to complete these projects including excavation, traffic control, conduit installation, backfill, concrete work and saw cutting. We have the equipment to cut and install traffic loops for signals and for gates and scales. Merit employs certified signal technicians who are qualified to diagnose and trouble shoot control cabinets.

Wells / Pump Station
Merit has successfully performed the installation and maintenance of several wells and pump stations for geothermal, municipal water supply, production facilities, construction sites and industrial use. We are able to provide 100% installation of all electrical systems from the medium voltage to small control work. We have technicians who can trouble shoot any problems within these or any facility or to start from the ground up. We have the equipment and ability to work in the most remote locations to facilitate our customers’ needs and goals.

Renewables / Green Energy

Merit Electric has vast experience in renewable electrical installation. We have built several geothermal power plants, installed large and small solar plants, completed the electrical for oil reclamation facilities and built plant and skids for biodiesel manufacturing. Merit has also been involved with many successful LEED projects ensuring that all requirements were met before, during and after construction to achieve the owner’s goals.

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Merit Electric has been a leader in geothermal power construction since its inception. We have completed several large geothermal power plants from the ground up. Merit has installed the electrical on numerous well fields and pump houses. We have all the equipment, tools and manpower to install all phases of these projects including switchyard erection, medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage transformers, medium voltage cable installation including splices and terminations by certified installer and medium voltage motors. We are able to install and terminate all control cable including testing, point to point checks and startup support as required by our clients. Merit is very adept in installation of the underground conduit and grounding systems for these plants as well as lightning protection systems. We have become skilled in above ground raceway solutions using elevated cable tray and conduit to ensure future operation and expansion of these plants. Merit takes great pride in the installation of these facilities by ensuring all work is performed knowing that we will be called back for future projects and expansions.

Merit has the ability to install solar on existing building, new plants or on new facilities as part of the construction process. We have several certified solar installers who have built projects of all sizes and difficulty level. We offer all the phases of these projects from excavation, structure foundations, structure erection, panel installation and any type of electrical writing and panels to make each project a complete success.

Oil Reclamation
Merit Electric has completed the construction of several oil reclamation and reprocessing plants. We have installed all the underground, rigid above ground and cable tray for a complete raceway system. We are capable of pulling all the cable from medium voltage to the control wiring and terminating and testing as required. Merit is very adept in installation of all the switchgear and associated controls for all the systems required to provide a safe and sound electrical system.

Biodiesel Facility
We have built numerous processing skids to enable customer to process and pump biodiesel for sale to the public. These projects consisted of rigid conduit, motors, pumps, several control panels and all associated wiring testing and terminating. We have gained the experience to install any type of process equipment ensuring quality electrical work that will outlast the intended life of the plant.

Merit Electric has been a part of many successful LEED projects. We are very enthusiastic in aiding the general contractor and owner in achieving their goals for a successful project. Merit’s staff has the experience to aid in all phases of these projects from preconstruction through the end result.